Senior Service Designer/UX Switzerland or Stockholm

Responsibility of design leads in service concept creation 

Coordination of design activities between other designers in projects  
Contributing to the final design and process through sales support and design work 
Connect well with business consulting and matter experts within organization 
Ability to bring needed Excellency within larger company and network (e.g. Innovation & Research, Digital Interactive)
Works in multidisciplinary working environment with different stakeholders (vendors & customers)
Conduct user and future lead early research initiatives as part of the larger sense making process of the business case
Facilitating and managing ways of working between the customer and the team by using approaches derived from Design thinking, Design sprint practices. Helping our clients evolve the way they work along the way. 
Lead the design team (UX / Interaction designers) to create impeccable outputs to illustrate the future solutions and vision state
Hands on design experience as required
Asking the right questions to understand both the client’s position and their users’ problems, and can come up with solutions that benefit both. Anticipate, identify, track and remove any impediments together with the team. 
Working with our team to continue building a collaborative design culture and new offerings. Coach the members of the team and larger organization into following the values of the Design thinking. 
Help in sales initiatives to close and open new projects and connections 
Help to turn these early concepts and ideas into development streams by providing understanding and practices for design operations
Ability to use typical design tools and create early design outputs like wireframes, presentations, visualisations to illustrate the interactions and service visions. (e.g. Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Invision, MS suite)  
Experience on system development and design operation practices
Understanding software development processes; agile, RUP etc. 
Great HTML and development understanding.
Understanding of industrial and creative service design process 
Variety of experience on design methods and practices:  Design thinking, future studies, user and experience design 
Digital business trends; social media, start-up culture etc. 
Practical experience of agile design process for designing digital solutions and applying user centric methods in it 
Documentation and specification work (not so important) 
Experience creating and applying functional documentations 
Understanding on system development
English language is a must. Other preferred languages (Dutch, German, French, Swedish). 
Must have EU passport.
Positive open and creative mind
Very passionate and driven towards his own and teams excellence  
Analytical and sharp 
Excellent listening, communication, presentation and expectation management skills 
Absolute team player with ability to take and give constructive feedback and grow 
Independent with ability to take decisions and drive those within team and client 
Ability to work fast, pragmatic way in an agile environment
Attention to detail, determination to see a project through problem-solving skills
Ability engage the whole multidisciplinary team with the design process
Welcome the constructive criticism of their work and be able to constructively review the work of others Values international working environment
  • Reference: HQ00003875
  • Location: Switzerland or Stockholm
  • Salary:
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Category: » IT
  • Posted Date: 10/03/2020

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